So, on the suggestion of Aisuru, I toured Trepid Station today! I actually attempted it last night before I went to bed, but got totally freaked out, and decided to try later. XD The scary thing about this place was the creepy, random noises.


I usually do okay with gore movies such as Saw, but, with jumpy movies like The Grudge, The Ring, and Shutter - I freak out. I hate those movies and have nightmares for months. But anyway - this haunted train station was a bit like that.


I apologize - some of these pictures are going to be really dark, and there are quite a few of them. I tried to experience the station the way it was meant to be - by region default lighting, but, of course - its not the best for picture taking.


There was several places that I actually thought was really pretty. I think this station has a very "abandoned" feel to it, which I really like. There is a certain beauty in abandoned buildings. The lobby was really pretty in this way. :D


Of course - it had the stereotypical "horror" factors, like the creepy kitchen. I half expected some skeletons to pop out of the oven or refrigerator at me xD


I liked the Diner thing. It's probably good to point out - if you want to get the full experience, you should scout out the newspapers every chance you can find and check out the headlines - it tells a little bit of the story behind the train station tragedy. ^^


The textures used in this build were pretty good too. :D I like these bookshelf things. XD


But, this build still has those jumpy, damn scary moments. You really don't know WHAT will pop at you next. It could be creepy ghosts, silhouettes, scary voices, or eerie creaking doors.


I took this picture, and I actually really liked it for some reason. I think the only thing that would have been better here is some kind of working ghost train. :D


I have no idea what the heck happened, but the next thing I knew, I fell out a window, and seen my face on a newspaper! Nuuuuu! I am still alive, I swear!


I visited a few Halloween sims with Bats, my first partner, last year - but, I don't think any of them can compare to this one. This was extraordinarily cool, and one of the few I'd suggest checking out ^^

SLURL: Trepid Station, Virtue (55, 27, 21)