I visited the Cutting Class haunted house last night! It is apparently inspired by games like Silent Hill and such, and it shows. I've played a few of those horror/survival games before, and they always scared the CRAP out of me. (I am currently trying to play Fatal Frame 2, but after about 5 minutes of gameplay, I have to turn it off XD). I played a Silent Hill on the original Playstation, and it was okay until it got dark... then I freaked, turned it off, and never played it again. :O


But anyway, back to Cutting Class. I can't really say that this was "scary", but it was interesting. I liked exploring around, looking at the old school building. I do like just exploring old buildings that are in various stages of disarray. I am just weird like that. ^^


Surprisingly, this school build looked like a high school. I mean, it had science rooms, a library, stage, classrooms, and even bathrooms. Perhaps I should have put on a school uniform to explore this? O.O


I was slightly frustrated, because throughout the school, you had to hunt down pieces to get some kind of code. Once you get the code, you can use it to open the elevator, which will take you to the bowels of the school. :O


I think the creepiest part was actually the bathroom. It was all grungy, old, and decaying, I half expected something to come out of the mirror, or hiding behind the bathroom stalls.


I did expect more of this though. Creepy hanging things. It wasn't as gory as I thought it would be, but, still interesting ^^


Luckily, I got to follow some really smart people down the elevator. If it wasn't for them figuring the clues out, I would have never got down to the basement.... and, it was gross! Like, the stomach of a creature or something :O


Heh. Bloody walls? I wonder what happened down here. O.O


This was probably the most gross thing I seen through this school. It looked like some kind of fleshy deformed monster. Perhaps it was once a student? :O :O *runs away*


However, once you get to the last stretch of it, you get prizes for finishing! \o/ I liked the concept of this haunted house: an abandoned school, a little gore, weirdness, prizes, and a interactive system. It didn't make me scared iRL, but it was still good to explore. :D

SLURL: Cutting Class Haunted House, Pulse (81, 224, 42)

*Scratches head* I wonder what other Halloween haunted sims are out there? O.O