If you are into Halloween things, there are a few places you can visit to get into the Halloween spirit. Two of the most popular places are Octoberville and October Country. Because Bats loves Halloween, I decided to take him to these two sims. So, we both dressed up - him as Jack Skellington, and me in a Last Call costume called "Enchantress".


Octoberville is only seasonal, so you should visit now, before it turns normal again. They have some weird hunt going on in this sim, and you have to find tons of items through the island. You do get a HUD to keep track of the items you have found, and it lets you know how many you have left. Lots of weird things are hidden in this sim. SLURL: Octoberville, PixelTrix (159, 105, 22)

October Country

Another popular one is October Country. Here, they have ghost stories being played for a good portion of the day, and many places to explore. This place made my computer spaz with all the particles and stuff, but it was an interesting place. I am told that this sim stays open all year round, so that is good for those of you who can't make it here by Halloween. SLURL: October Country, October Country (81, 184, 65)

And, here we are in our Halloween gear. We were trying to be as silly as we could be in this picture - because we just looked so goofy. O.o