Now, I've been busy working on several things. I have several things going at once, and I am quite excited about them. At the pace Kamian was working, I was NEVER going to get anything I wanted done - because he worked way to fast for me. However - he has some RL obligations next week, and he told me he won't finish by then. So, I have at least 2 weeks to work on everything I've wanted to.

That sounds like a lot of time, and it is - but, I will be coming back with a ton of stuff, and retiring most of my couple's poses (and will be priced at the retirement price of $1L each!). I've also been making the moon poses, and I'm almost done with my next fashion set. But, I wanted to give you all a preview of everything I've been working on.


First, and probably most importantly - the new fashion pose set. I've been pretty happy with no its turning out pretty well. I have 8 done already, and I only need 4 more to complete the set. :D


This will be my opening freebie. I plan on making it more of a mini-set, with about 4 poses or so. So far, I have one pose finished, and couple that still need tweaking. My goal with these: Be totally silly! :D They should definitely be done by the opening. ^^


I'll also be putting the couple's poses in pose vendors. Now, I know the question: why are you putting them in vendors? To remove clutter, and so I can have as the most wall space as possible. I'm only keeping 3 couple's poses (my 3 most recent ones), the rest will be put up for $1L for a while. :D


I've been meaning to do this for a long time - update the update kiosk. Well, I got huge shove to do it when a huge upgrade for the kiosk came out last night. I had to pay $1000L for the upgrade, and I have absolutely no idea how to get all my members on to it. I thought I might as well make it look pretty before I start cursing at it - so, I did what I wanted to: update the image. It now matches the latest vendor ads, with my current style of dress and all. :D I'm excited about it. But, transferring my members to the new one... that's a different feeling @_@

So, this will the new kiosk design, and image. I even still love the Subscribe/Unsubscribe buttons I made for the first one - its probably one of the very few things that I am extremely proud of. :D


I bought some sculpted letters, and have been playing with the idea of them for a few days. I'd like to incorporate them somehow, but at 16 prims just for "Imperial Elegance", I'm starting to rethink. They are really pretty though.

While I know some people are not going to be happy with the delay in the opening, I feel very relieved about it. I am horribly irritated that I *STILL* can't find a good rental. I've contacted SEVERAL people about several different rentals, and they either gave me the run around, or has not gotten back to me. I am utterly annoyed. In a world where everyone and their mom runs a mall, why can't I get a vendor space for a week or two? Am I unqualified? My stuff isn't good enough? I'm too picky? WTF?