I brought Nuai back out into the SL world and spent some time making him look less noobish. I gave him some Moderno clothes I've been hoarding for starters, which really made him look 100% better. I love moderno clothes, I realy wish I had picked up some more clothes before they closed for Nuai. I also put Adam n Eve in his picks, and snatched up these awesome shoes as their reward gift a while ago :D I think he looks good.

I also got him a better AO. He's had freebie ones for a while, but they were unnatural, and as a poser - it bothered me to see joints move in ways that they weren't supposed to. I hauled Nuai to every place that was suggested to me, and everywhere I could think of. Abranimations, FORM, Endless Dreams, the Animation Warehouse..... I was tired @_@ So, since I've had such good luck with Vista animations before, I popped over there to see what they had for men. I loooooved their AOs, but had a problem with paying over $300L for a AO for an alt who only comes out to model and flip lucky chairs. However, Vista had actual animations, and not just poses - for less than FORM. So, I shut my eyes and paid the $699L.


Because I am such a goofball, I thought I would take some pictures of Nuai and me together. :D I wonder if I should start doing a weekly LOTD for men, using Nuai on Fashion Labyrinth? Do guys even read the fashion feed?


I also took some time today, to get rid of some annoying pieces of my workspace skybox. I swear, I change the look of my skybox more often than I buy clothes. I am never happy with it, and will most likely change it again by the end of the week. The area is a little messy right now though - filled with all kinds of things to be dropped when the store is finished.

BTW - I will be taking some time this week to update my blog roll. If you link to my site, and I seem to have missed you - poke me and I'll put you up :D