Day 4 brings more omg awesomeness! I apologize to you readers who most likely don't care about the build progress - but I am really excited about it, and would love to have a way to like, document the build and all. So, just bear with me for a while :D


So, today's full store picture. He did something so incredibly awesome last night, that I went like: :O :O :O :O when I seen it.


This! OMFG. This looks absolutely amazing, but I think he's still tinkering with it. omg, I love it. :D I might ask him if he is going to center them - because I am totally OCD about things like this. But, this is a fantastic idea.


He's also added the second staircase in, and made them more clumsy-avatar proof, which I really like. When I asked people what they wanted in my new store - I got tons of responses relating to stairs. I think these will please most people. :D


Rail city is coming in nicely as well. I am really pleased how they are turning out. ^^


And yay! A doorway I like! :D :D :D I'm glad we've come up with this idea here, I think it looks great.

And, so - I've come to the realization that I won't finished all what I planned to do by the reopening. With my list I gave yesterday, I felt completely overwhelmed, and seriously did NOT want to work on ANYTHING. So, I have cut my list down to be something more manageable.

  1. Moon poses, with about 6 poses to set out as a freebie for a limited time. Prop included.
  2. A second fashion pose set.
  3. Redo all ads to match the new template.
  4. Put older couple's/friends poses in the lucky board.
  5. Lower timer in lucky board.
  6. Make ads, and add the Mina pose to the board as well.
That is MUCH more do-able - makes me feel better and a little less scared. :D