Its been a while since I posted about my store build, hasn't it? Well, Its been kinda dormant for a while, while the builder had RL obligations, and I was struggling with textures. As I think I've stated before, I am really picky with textures. I know textures I like when I see them, its just... finding them thats the problem. So, I picked out a texture the other day that I really liked, and when he put them on the walls, omg. It was so perfect :D


It was exactly what I wanted, and every time I look at it - I love it even more. :D I think Kamian was happy too, so I wasn't poking him all the time and saying: "Try this.... no, how about doing this?" So, I haz a happeh. ^^ It seems now that I am pleased with the inside textures, he is aligning them up, making them seamless throughout the store... which is good, because I am unbelievably OCD about them being perfect.


I am also experimenting with decorating a bit. I have this huge, gigantic space behind this glass wall, and I don't really know what to do with it yet. So, I am trying a tree and sculpted ground for today. See how much I like it. I'm not sure I like having the couch area in the freebie section, and the tree area.... But, maybe it will grow on me. I'm also playing with the idea of moving the tree area, and replacing the couch thing with it. We'll see. :D


A little preview of the new stuff! I'll have a new fashion pose set, the moon poses as a freebie, and a picks reward gift! The picks reward will be switched out every month, and I think they will start in November. The vendor currently says "October Picks Reward Gift", but that was made like, 3 weeks ago. XD By the time it drops down, I'll have it changed to the correct month. ^^ Oh. And I'll have a new lucky board item called the Mina pose, and a group gift. :D OMG, so many freebies :O The freebie haters lately will skin me alive! O.O