Rave Nation's Haunted House

Yay~ a haunted house for Halloween! I visited the Rave Nation Haunted House... it was definitely creepy. Several times, I found myself making a face like this: >.<


I am a major fan of horror movies - I love them to pieces. So, I immediately caught some of the movie references that was in this house. Pieces from Saw, The Shining, and more were used in this house. Creepy. As if watching horror movies all night tonight isn't going to be enough for me tonight...

Yay~ Gifts!

If you make it to the attic, you even get a prize for braving the scary house! That is ... if you want to fight the giant spider for it. O_o


And yeah - I had to.

SLURL: Rave Nation Haunted House, Candyland (83, 198, 421)