/Start Rant

So, I went to visit the Jewelry Expo last night, and spent a good hour trying to find a low-lag outfit. I took off my AO, scripted objects, and wore less prims as I possibly can while still trying to look decent.

It shocked me - the amount of people who JUST DON'T CARE. I heard people say "Oh, I went and I experienced NO lag! It was wonderful!" What damn planet were you on? I went, and it was not as bad as say, the hair fair - but it could have been so much better.

Problems with the sim? Nope - Miriel did a fantastic job, and the vendors did great. My problem is with freaking morons like this:


This particular person had an avatar rendering cost of 10,071!!! TEN THOUSAND SEVENTY-ONE! At the opening day of jewelry expo! omgwtf. You can see me in the background, in the green, at 395, which seemed about average.

Even big name blogger/designers where there with the average ARC of 3,000. OMG. They are constantly saying: "Take off your prims before going!" on their blogs, but I seen them wearing more prims than there was to put the whole expo together! -.-;

To end on a lighter note - I got new shoes. I've had such crappy luck with Soreal shoes in the past. I bought some of their previous tennis shoes, and even the small size wouldn't fit me. I resized using the scripts, but then theyl ooked ok on the top - but my feet were sticking out on the bottom. I got pissed off and shoved them in a folder, never to be seen again. But, I decided to go out and buy these new Superstars.

I got irritated that people were just TP'ing in, and working the vendor, even though I just wanted to get the black and white ones and get out - and, I was there twice as long as anyone else. Gawd, what is with most people and their disrespect for others in SL? -.-;

Anyway. I was forced to wait until there was NO ONE ELSE in the store, then started flipping through the vendor. And some asshole tp'ed in and and said "-.-" to me. WTH? Soreal owners - PLEASE get rid of those vendors?!


And - here they are. The shoes I waited 3 hours to get + 2 hours to fit.

/ End Rant