I blogged about the Harvest Faerie gown from Sparkle Skye on Fashion Labyrinth, my fashion-ish blog, but, it just screamed at me to take more pictures of it - only, it called for a more natural environment. I asked the Ch'Know group if they knew of any "autumn" type sims, and one of the suggestions was Tempura Island. So, I headed there, and it was the PERFECT setting for what I wanted (Thank you Nikki!).


It's actually been a while since I did something like this, and I was reminded about how frustrating it was. I am such a freak with getting poses the way I like, lining up the camera.... but then just as I am about to snap my picture, someone walks behind me, stop, slumps over, and goes in Away mode. *bangs head on desk*


However, I think they came out well, and I did photoshop them slightly to make the colors richer. I do kinda feel bad when I say "I photoshopped them", because what I did was just added a blur and changed the layer settings, but they are not straight out of SL.


And, I think this might be the best picture I've ever taken. I think it is absolutely perfect, with how I wanted the mood to be, the colors, and the pose. I think it's beautiful. ^^ If there was one thing I would change, is to be a little taller, so the bottom of the gown shows. But still, it holds it's own charm ^^