After posting my big emo post yesterday, I came to some realizations. For now, I have decided to live one day at a time, and not think too much of the future. I have literally TONS of things that need to be done, and I think I should focus on them, rather than wasting time being down. I want to thank my commenters and the people who even contacted me in-world for helping me realize, and helping me come to my conclusion (And I also owe a bit to my mini Sex and the City marathon last night). :D I don't show it as often as I like, but I do love each of my friends, and readers. *Runs around and huggles everyone*

So, yesterday, I decided to decorate around Byakuya (the name I've given my land) a little bit for Halloween. I've been collecting each freebie pumpkin, spiderweb and decoration I can get my fingers on, and have been trying to find out which ones I like best. I settled on Dernier Cri's adorable pumpkins, and bought some cheapo fog to set up in my pond.

I'm not the type to go ALL out with wagons, hay bales, pumpkins ALL over, with a giant scene all over my roof, but I do like to do a little bit, to keep me in the spirit of Halloween. SL Halloweens are great though, because you never have to worry about carving pumpkins, picking seeds out from the pumpkin goo to cook them, or the carvings caving in the day after. Nope, just pick a pumpkin from a line and set it out - no worrying at all. I also don't have to deal with the dog barking her face off every time the doorbell rings, which in turn gives me a headache by the end of the night. ^^ So, Halloween in SL is great. :D


Anyway - I really like the fog in my pond. I think it's kinda creepy, yet very cool looking. I am pleased with it. ^^


And, I think these are the best pumpkins I've found this year. Totally free and moddable, which makes them even better. I also put some of these pumpkins as decorations in my store too. :D

So, my builder is back and complaining about the build texture he made. XD And of course, I headed off to find a different texture that would work for him. I hunted, hunted, and hunted more until I came across some really pretty stripes. I actually really liked how the stripes looked, and honestly thought that they looked better than the gradient he made. I am so terrible with textures though... I made this one tileable, and a color I liked, so I hope it works well with the floors! I swear, I am so mean to this builder, like, every week, I tell him: "I don't think I like this texture anymore...." But, he still seems to swear that I'm not mean at all. XD

Tomorrow, I'll be dressing up and hitting some of SL's best haunted houses this year. I think I could use a good scare :D