I think my build is almost done! :D The inside texturing is done, the ceiling is done, and all that remains is the outside trim and texturing! \o/ Pictures!


The final layout I've decided upon. I decided to go ahead buy Botanical's maple's for the store, and took a bit of resizing to fit the way I wanted them. I've also used some sculpted ground prims, which worked exactly how I wanted them :D


I luffffff the tree areas in the store. I know, I know - its strange growing trees indoors, but I think they are cute! I had so much open space, I wanted to do something with it all. :D


This will the freebie/lucky board area. I wanted some sort of sitting area - I originally planned a couch and stuff, but once I decided on tree for the center, I just had to carry it over here. :D


The newest addition to the build. The way Kamian explained this to me, the only face I could make was something like this: :/ I was a little confused, and scared about what it would look like. But, when I woke up this morning and seen it - it looked fantastic :D I added the light thing in the middle, which I think, makes it look even better. :D


I've also been renovating my home! I came across some amazing textures on SLExchange, and I had to have them. They were just sooooo pretty, I decided to use one of them as my flooring! My house seems to be getting darker and darker lately O.o;


I also found these awesome things in the MudHoney hunt! I loved the look of them, and they matched my bedroom interior perfectly! :D