I explored October Country last night. Last time I visited, was last year, with my partner at the time... Bats. This year, I explored alone. If there was one thing I've realized in this time of Halloween sim exploring - visting sims alone really sucks. I like being able to point out things to other people, comment on things to someone... with just little me - I find it kinda boring, really.


But anyway, October Country! I hear this sim is a mix between residential, roleplaying, and a sim to explore. What's cool though - is that it's open all year long.


There definitely wasn't any really "scary" things here, but they play little ghost story dramas on their radio stream, so be sure to listen as you explore. I rarely have music going, but I am glad I got to listen to this stream ^^


There is even a fire where you can sit and listen to the creepy ghost stories. When I came last year, there was several people sitting around this fire, chatting away. I'm not really sure what happened though, because there was no one around the entire time I visited. Perhaps I scared them all away? :O


I think these crypt things were the best part of the sim. I think they are really well done, and extremely cute :D


This walkway was a cute touch too. I like the lights, bridge, and the trees in the background. It definitely set the October mood for me. :D


There are also interesting builds here too. Like this building with all kinds of moving gears, for example.


And this old windmill thingie. It looked kinda spooky, yet interesting.


It even has a little town! Though, this appears to be the main hub of the roleplaying. Luckily, I didn't encounter any role players. :D


Really, this place hasn't changed at all since I seen it last. It's just as I remembered, which could be both good and bad.

SLURL: October Country (218, 223 22)