So, day 3 brings more progress with the new Imperial Elegance build. He has told me to start thinking of textures.... which is what I'm dreading. I have no idea what kind of texture I want! T_T


An updated shot of the whole thing. I still love it a lot, even while its plywood. I really can't wait for the texturing to begin - because if I love it this much - imagine how much I'll love it once done :D


The most noticeable thing he's done though - is put some stairs in. I didn't want deathtrap stairs, so these were a good option. I am unbelievably clumsy in SL, so if there is something that has a possibly of falling off, I probably will fall off it. However, these are wide, and I've walked over them at least 20 times, and I have yet to fall. :D I believe his plan is to put two stairs in, on opposite sides of the store. ^^


Some railing for the upstairs. As I said, I fall off everything - so, I wanted some kind of idiot proof barrier thing up here. :D


This... is the source of worry. I've made him redo this window/door area at least 5 times because I can't decide on what I like. XD No window? Arched doors? Window with arched doors? @_@ No idea. But - his patience is amazing. :O


It looks like he's finished the sitting area as well. I asked about continuing this rail concept to the other side of the store, and he said that was his plan, and then said it was going to be "rail city" XD I'll have rails in the sitting area, upstairs, and pose area. Heh. :D


Kamian noticed many people dropping by for my free AOs, and suggested I drop the freebies down, so people can grab them while the store is closed. I was worried they would be in his way while he worked, so I only put a sign down. But - he can move them if needed. :D

I have a crapload of things I want to release for the reopening. I want to do poses with Dancing Fans, a freebie male AO, finish my Moon poses, faun poses, and another fashion set. I will definitely not finish all them - but dammit, I WILL TRY! :D