I think, my new store is a huge inspiration. I've started "Red Carpet" poses, which will be based on the poses that celebrities do walking into the Oscars or whatever. And, I also did a couple's pose, which, I will show a teaser picture here:


It originated from a manga called MARS, where the female was laying on the guy, with her face buried in his chest. Well, I couldn't get it to look decent with the SL avatars, so I took the idea, and made it my own, into something that works. :D

Should be hitting IE in the next couple of days. ^^

BTW, I won't bore you all with the "I Voted" stuff, because.... I don't vote! (And am slightly annoyed by all the political crap on TV lately) :D I will be soooooo happy when its over, so I can go back to watching normal commercials. ^^