Apparently - the lindens are running around trying to fix all the bad things in the viewer that is pissing people off. Now, with the introduction of the new RC viewer, huge things are happening. The death of group chats! I am only running the standard viewer, but have heard about this new feature. So, I decided to test it by opening FashCon group chat. I got this:


:O Yay Yay Yay~ One of the most annoying things ever is to hear a ping and see someone asking "Hey, I know this isn't allowed, but where can I find good skirts?" So irritating. But, if they can't open the chat session, how are they going to ask? *does happy dance*


I took my alt to my favorite sandbox so she can open some boxes - and came across this. xD It was so weird to see it because this this only a 15 minute sandbox, and I NEVER see anyone else there... let alone a griefer. :O Was kinda comical, actually.

After helping Aisuru with her AO last night, I was inspired to make a new one! I used Vista animations for a looooong time, and recently put on the freebie one I made. I started hunting in my inventory for interesting AOs (I really do have an embarassing amount of them), and came across one from TorridWear. Its called "Valentine" so, I am assuming I picked it up sometime around Valentine's day - though I seriously can't remember.


I tried it on, and was really impressed with it. I added a Sexywalk, my favorite flys and hovers, and wore it for the rest of the night. This morning, I went to the TorridWear store and bought more. :D While these are pretty much static poses, they blend well into each other, and look really nice.