Friday's Challenge from Alicia was:

We spend a great deal of time in Second Life shopping. Why do you think this is? Do you think you could have fun in SL if you didn't shop [and that includes getting freebies!] for a week? How big is your inventory? Do you keep it organized or is it a big mess? Do you shop for mostly fashion items, or do you shop for things like toys and prefabs and other gadgets? Show off a picture of you hanging out in your favorite store!

I think my whole SL experience revolves around shopping. Whether it be actully shopping, freebie hunting, window shopping, drooling, or stalking lucky chairs, I would get bored in SL if it was taken away from me. I probably would be okay for a few days, finding new places to explore and what not - but after that, I'd get frustrated that I don't have anything to wear, and give up completely.

My inventory is a disaster area, and is at 24,000 items. However - I also have several thousand items boxed and tucked away in my Fashionista Closet - so I really don't know exactly how much I have anymore. I really don't think it's such a huge secret of how messy my inventory can get, but - really, once I set my mind to it, I get it all clean and boxed up in one day. Its just... finding the thing to motivate me enough to do it. Last time - I was faced with the Hair Fair, and told myself I was NOT GOING until my inventory was completely organized. I dredged though it all, and was there the minute Hair Fair opened.

I acutually shop for many, many things. I absolutely love scripts, script systems, and toys. I like finding spiffy drivable things, and weird wearable things as well. I also love furniture shopping. I spend about 80% of my time in SL at my SL home, and it needs to look good. I spend days and days and days hunting for the perfect furniture, setting things up, and perfecting every single room. So, I enjoy furniture shopping alot - to get design ideas... because, I really have none. XD Prefab shopping is a blast too, as long as I am not looking for me a home. I love looking at the builder's talent, deciding which rooms would be what, laying out objects in my head, and admiring the lot size it would require XD

I just love shopping in general. :D

However, I have one most favorite store. I have several favorites, but only one most favorite. Yabusaka.


I tell you - Yabusaka's work is soooo amazing, it makes me really depressed that he doesn't get the publicity he definitely deserves. I am in love with his sculpty work, and he makes shoes, jewelry, furniture and even prefabs in incredible detail.


Plus, how can you not love a store that has cuteness like this at the entrance?