So - my PeeCee is grinding, freezing and definitely not happy lately. I believe my hard drive is failing, and should happen any time now. If I don't log in or blog for a while... that's probably why. xD

But, anyway. Last night, I went through my skins folder to see if I had any skins that I like better than my current one. I have a huge collection of skins, actually. I adore various skins, but I always only wear one.


These are the two I am debating between. I really love the one on the left. However, when I tried it on for Kagic, he wasn't too fond of it. And then - my Nora skin edit on the right. I love the Nora skins, but I fear that in the coming months - they will be as common as the Eloh Eliot mods. *Sigh*


Next: Dutch Touch. These are cute - I love many of the makeups. However, I think they make me look really, really bitchy.


These are Rosemar/Cupcakes skins that were either group gifts or freebies. I like them because they have a certain charm about them. But, I really couldn't find a skin tone I liked.


Chai. OMG, the eyebrows. I adore her makeup ideas, and her Nutmeg tone. However, no matter what I do to the eyebrows or my shape, I can't make these skins really work on me. I have various skins from Chai that were group gifts, and even one that I loved so much I had to purchase xD


Tuli makes beautiful skins, but none other than the newest Elizabeth line really worked on my shape. But, these are stunnning, and probably really high up on my list.


My shape was actually made for a Japanese skin. When I was a newbie - I hung out at alot of Japanese shopping centers, so I was exposed to alot of Japanese styled skins. Ando f course, the first skin I purchased was one of them. So, I think this style of skin looks pretty good on my shape.

*Sigh* Sai's skin hunt continues!