Suddenly - I find that tons of things are going on at once. I've been waiting patiently for the builder I hired to start work on my new IE build. He's been busy, but IM'ed me last night, asking if I wanted him to start the build right away. Excited, I was like : "YUS!", and immediately tore down the old IE building to make way for the new one. I stood with him for a few hours, telling him what I did like, and didn't like. This will be a huge post, with tons of progress pictures.


It was my first time working with a builder, and I was clueless on how it's done. It took a little while to tell him what type of build I wanted, and the features. My main thing was that I wanted a little sitting area, and an upstairs viewable from the ground floor. So, he immediately got to work, setting up a layout that would work for me.


I was utterly shocked at how fast he worked. What would have taken me weeks to line up prims, size them and whatnot with scripts, took him like 5 minutes without any scripts. It was really amazing to watch him - and as I marveled to him, he even gave me a mini-lesson on how to do it. \o/


I was snapping pictures the entire time! That was one of my requests when I asked him to do my build. I wanted to be able to take lots of pictures. :D This particular picture was us trying to decide on what type of windows to put in. And! This will be the little sitting area, surrounded by windows, where I'll have my lucky board and freebies.


We had to have tried at least 6 different window layouts before deciding on this one. I swear, Kamian has the patience of a saint to have not exploded on me during this window stage. xD I was soooo confused of what I wanted. But nope - he was very patient, and found the perfect window. :D AND! I loooove windows, and he loves windows - so I told him to put as many as he wants in. ^^


As of last night, before I logged off for bed - this is what it looked like. We had the basic layout decided, and it looked very nice in it's plywood form. I love it. :D The layout is exactly what I wanted, from the sitting area, to the upstairs.


When I logged on this morning, I found he had done a considerable amount of work while I was sleeping. He made the entrances prettier (I told him they looked like garage doors before xD), and added a few windows off the the sides. OMG, its so awesome.


He also textured some of the floor sometime last night. While I'm not particularly fond of the texture, I do like the fact that it's hardwood, and I also like the color. I still need to IM him about that. XD These stairs are tiny and totally cute :D


It also looks like he was in the process of adding a rail thing to the sitting area. This looks a bit unfinished, so I'm not sure if he plans on keeping it, adding to it, or what - but I like the direction its going in.


The entrances look great too. I was really worried they would end up looking like garage doors still, but they turned out really great. I've changed the TP point to right in the doorway and added the sign, for customers as well. Just so they know that I will return. :D


The thought occured to me this morning before I logged in: "OMG, I don't want a plain ceiling! I must IM him ASAP!" Well, imagine my shock when I tped to IE, and seen that he's already thought of it.

There are still some things to be decided though. Like, the stairs. I know I want curvy stairs (but not spiral!), and he told me he hates staircases. XD So, right now, he's just building, building, building, and said the stair placement will come to him later. I've loved every suggestion he's had so far, so I'll trust him on that one. :D

I am unbelievably impressed by the build so far. Its beautiful, and everything I wanted. And its not even textured! :O