Thanks to Quaintly, I got an incredible deal on some land. I originally went to check out a 2240sq. meter plot, or something around that size, but ended up walking away with a great 4256sq. meter plot for dirt cheap. That is over twice the size of my land in Polis, and half the price in teir. After a little bit of thinking, I somehow knew exactly what I wanted. First: A house.


I went to Barnesworth, the Homestore, and a few other places, before I remembered the one house I truly fell in love with a while ago. Because I lived in a prefab rental, I couldn't have my own home - so I've kept a list of gorgeous homes that I would love to have if I ever owned land again. Well, now is the time, and I was actually unbelievably excited.

There was actually several things I missed about owning land. Being able to ban morons, being allowed to terraform my own waterways, ponds and stuff, being able to choose my own home, laying down my own trees, and even simply renaming my plot to suit me better. But mostly and most important - to be able to call it MY home. Anyway, on to the pictures!


This house, is SO me, and was the one house that I adored back when it first came out. I went to look at it that day and said: OMG. It's modern, looks like a mini mansion, and is almost greyscale. OMG, mine. I swear, its almost like this house was made just for me. :D And, it comes with a HUD for the windows and lights. O.o;


The rear looks fantastic too. When I showed a member of my RL family this house, he said: "There's no windows!". but as soon as I flipped the camera around, he was like :O Which, I guess is good. I still haven't really finished moving stuff from the old place to this one, but I am still deciding what I want this extra room to be for. Seriously - it has a Living Room, Bedroom, and a Den. I mean, WTF is a Den, anyway? XD


I also knew I wanted a pond. I love Katat0nik's pond so much, and I spend so much time there, I thought I would attempt one of my own. Plus, I had tons of space in front of my house, that I originally had no idea what to do with. So, this was a great idea, I think. I also thought, since I was making a pond, I might as well make it beautiful and a serene place to hang out. So, I added some nature sounds, fireflies, trees, and a dock. I still have some more things I would like to add - like HPMD birds, bunnies, and those bubble chairs I won from the HPMD lucky chair. And possibly some more rocks. If prims allow, I'd also like to add a few fish in the pond. :D

I am also proud to say that I terraformed both the little ocean thing behind my house, as well as my cute little pond. And, omg - I am totally proud, they turned out even better than I expected. :D

BTW - There is still quite a bit of Envision land left, though I am not sure if there are any beachfronts still available. If you are in the market for some great land, read this over, and IM Tiyuk Quellmalz - his prices are amazing, and he seems like a promising new estate owner.