First off - I want to think all who have given me LMs, locations, and tips on where to find a mall. I've visited tons and tons over the last few days, but I think the answer was right under my nose this whole time.


The little plot behind my store has been for sale for a few weeks now, and I am thinking of picking it up for this purpose, and I think I can benefit from it for a while. Its about 572 meters or so, and will give me around 220 prims, which is great. I think as soon as I hear from my builder, I will purchase it, and get started on making the store there. I am deciding on this for several reasons right now:
  1. Instead of having a LM giver while IE is closed, I can simply put a teleport script in. Much easier than grabbing LMs and stuff, I think.
  2. If I like this land, I might keep it. I'd love a little place to fish, and having this at the back of my store wouldn't be so bad. (Though, I'd have to have prim water, instead of pretty, reflective linden water... which sucks -.-)
  3. Yay! Extra prims!
  4. The tier isn't so bad for the size/prims.
I also plan on making my own store! I mean, its a temporary build, right? I did an impulse buy today, and I plan on making it the centerpiece of the temporary store. Ready to see it? :D


OMG, isn't it adorable?! :D The pictures really don't do it justice - It totally looks better in-world. I think when its done being the center of IE's smaller store, it will go in my fishing pond thing. :D