Thanks for the comments on my previous post, guys. :D I like all the skins listed, in their own ways - but still.... I shall continue my hunt.

A few nights ago, I asked Kagic if we could have a pet. I rezzed all my pets out for him - my cat, panther, black lab, french bulldog, and even my horse. Eventually, we settled on the lab, and I was reminded of how cute SL pets are.

You don't have to crate train, feed them, take them out on walks.... they just roam around and greet you in SL. However, with this one - you can pet it, picnic next to it, buy different collars or bandannas, shake its paw, or even play frisbee. :D Its super cute.


Anyway. We call him Chevy, and he is always there to greet me when I TP home. ^^