Ok, so maybe the store card sale isn't as much as a failure as I thought xD I seem to have gotten quite a response, and have decided to definitely do this again in the future. :D But, today, I have a few random pictures to show.


This was me for the majority of the day today. Luckily, I wasn't doing anything extremely important. I was on a mission to get all 3 items from the Muism lucky chair - and after 3 days and a few annoying losses due to SL issues... I finally got them! \o/

However, while I waited, I kept getting notifications that people were getting stuff from the lucky board. It was really weird, because my lucky board has never been that active before. So, I TP'ed to investigate, and was greeted with this scene.


People were actually hanging out at my lucky board! :O This was such a weird concept to me, that people were actually wanting the dorky things in my board XD But, still - it made me smile to know people like my things enough to wait for them :D