But not forever! As several of you know, I contacted my favorite builder a few weeks ago, asking if he had time to make my little store a build. He was booked with a build, and then had a mall to finish. I offered to wait - and I did. Well, last night - he IMed me, saying that his mall build is going slow, he has a little idle time, and offered to start mine while he is doing the mall. Of course, my build won't be going as fast, but it will still get done.

The bad side is - I have to close down the store while he works on it, which, I guess I knew. I am a bit sad by it - ever since I started IE, I've never had to close it. I've always remodeled while it was open, and stuff. Never actually closed it down. So, IE will be closed for a couple weeks. I don't really know when I'll need to close it, only that it will probably just 'disappear' for a while. I've asked my builder if I could leave a LM giver or something that would give out a LM to some smaller location that has newer stuff, and he agreed. Now - my question: Does anyone know a reasonably priced mall with empty spaces I can have a few items for sale at?

It's still kind of in 'idea' stage right now. I've been working on a list of what features I wanted, but when he asked "Ok, but what do you want it to *look* like?" I was like, "Uhh...", I really had no clue. So, he asked me to find pictures on google, of concepts about what I want it to look like. So, I am in the process of gathering a few images.

I also asked one important question to him. Can I take pictures of the progress? And, he said I could :D So, I'll probably give status pictures here, when he updates something. ^^

HOWEVER! Since I will be closing the mainstore for a while (but I do hope to have a secondary store somewhere), I will be working on a huge release, for when IE opens again. :D