You know I can't resist a good challenge - so, when Alicia posted her blogger's challenge for today, I had to do it. Today's topic, from her blog:

Second Life is a huge place, but we all have our favorite place where we seem to visit often just to look it, to hang out, to take friends, or just be alone and think. Where is your place, how did you find it, and what keeps you going back? Go there and take a picture!

At first thought, I was convinced this was going to be difficult. Lately, I've been ridiculously anti-social, and even dread going out to shop. Then what have I been doing? Usually sitting at home, staring at a wall. Seriously. However, once I really started thinking about it, it wasn't so hard. I actually came up with a few places to share.


As I mentioned several times before in this blog, I originally came to SL to explore Buddhism and Shinto religions. So, naturally, one of the first places I came to was a place that gives Buddhism classes - The Skeptical Buddhist Sangha. It was my favorite place, and I still return often to sit and hang out. It has grown quite a bit since my first visit, and gets better each time I return.


Next place is the Life is Good sim. Its a great island filled with trees, flowers, poseballs and sitting areas. It's fun to explore, sit and watch things, and even take pictures. Just being here is relaxing, really.


I absolutely have to blog about Kenroku as well. If you enjoy gardens, parks, nature and the like, Kenroku just might be your place as well. After seeing Straylight, other sims were just like: Meh to me. However, once I seen and explored Kenroku a bit, it became one of my favorite places, even better than Straylight. Its Japanese inspired, with Asian elements scattered all around. And, it's huge and beautiful to explore.


My life in SL lately has become obsessed with the 7Seas Fishing game. Katat0nik's fishing hole in Axis Mundi has become my favorite place to fish. While its simple, and really not spectacular, the people who fish here are great. Whenever I am looking for human interaction, this is where I head to. Even if I really don't want to talk to people, I still come here to fish. Because no matter who is around, or even if you are alone, fishing is calming in itself. I have been spending a large amount of time here in Axis Mundi, because I love this place. :D


Lastly, my home. Whenever I feel "blah", go afk, or just don't want to do anything, this is where I sit. The home I share with Kagic is my personal Zen area, and I furnished it with things that made me happy. It is probably my ultimate favorite place in SL to be, no matter what mood I am in. I go through many moods here in this house, from happy with Kagic, uninspired by not having any ideas, to even irritation with other people.