So, a little bit of Tiny Empires talk for a minute. A while ago, some new "features" were added to the Tiny Empires Federation HUD, which you gained or lost citizens based on what decisions you made. The disasters are: Famine, Crime Wave, and Disease. I stuck with Famine, constantly paying for researchers to go to inspect the area and whatever, and after a while, I finally got this:


\o/ I am really excited, now I don't have to pay craploads of gold to pay for famine anymore :D

Also, I've been trying to save up some $L for the builder that I want to hire. But, I can't seem to stop shopping! So, I've been engrossing myself in as many hunts as I possibly can. I've completed the Metamorphoses hunt, the Discord hunt, TekuTeku hunt, and even the MiaSnow hunt. I've been doing bunches of freebie hunting and lucky chair waiting. The lucky chairs I've cleaned out lately: Muism, Zaara, Aoharu Walk, Cyber Rapunzel, and even Silent Sparrow.... And I am currently working on TekuTeku's chairs.

The freebies coming out lately are just amazing as well. Such as the Rosemar/Cupcakes group gift skins, Alienbear's beautiful scepters, Di Chaintilly's free skin, to Chai's stunning powder skins - I'm really beginning to feel spoiled. Our SL creators are so generous, and I really love that they give us a reason to shop without spending money, or something to do while we have no $L to spend.