So - I have a couple things today. I will be hosting the Hump Day party on Sept 24th, for the Asian Style theme, and I am excited about it. I found THE PERFECT skybox thing for it, and I can't wait to set it up. I didn't want to have us all dance -in- the shop, because there seriously isn't enough room in there xD So, I'll be putting in a skybox, themed for the party. I'll be spending the time this week setting it up and stuff. Its kinda small-ish, big enough for dancing, yet way too small for Meara's stay-puft avatar. XD I wonder if I should keep it a surprise? Or show progress of it?

Anyway. I went on a skin hunt yesterday. I was doing the Love Soul hunt (omg, the zombie killing was so much fun!), and came across a little store called Body Soul. After finishing the hunt, I went back to the shop to get a closer look at the skins. The had demos at the store, but no way to actually purchase them. O.o; So, I grabbed the demos, and went home to try them on anyway.


I think these are quite cute, however I am not sure they look all that great on my shape. *Bangs head on desk* WHY can't I find a skin that looks better than my current one?! But so far - Aden and MinaJunk are rating pretty high on my list. I might play with the Splendor skins a bit more. I think they look great on my shape too.