Today is my rezzday. I will not be having a party for it, or won't be going to any club or anything, because I am not a partier. Instead, I will be here - blogging my little heart out. I have gone through several different looks, trying to find my style in that year.

I started creating shortly after I was rezzed, starting out in a little rental space (20 prims for $50L a week) in the mainland Orient sim. But, on June 23rd, I met Bats, partnered to him on July 7th... and he really boosted me into what I am now. If it wasn't for him, I would have never moved from that little rental space.

Now, I know what you want.... old pictures of Sai Pennell. Okies, you got it.

This was actually the first picture I ever took, when I rezzed in Second Life. I did not know about group gifts, store freebies or anything back then, so I was stuck with this skin for a while.

When I finally was able to buy some linden dollars, I purchased my first skin at PixelDeep, and I loved it. I stayed with this skin for a really long time, because I met Bats in it, and he wasn't too keen on me changing skins. Oh, and back in my PixelDeep skin, I was a blonde. Calla was my favorite hair store back then :D

After buying a black hair in an ETD sale (which was the first time I was introduced to ETD), Bats told me that black hair looked great with the blue eyes I had at the time. So, I switched to black hair for good. I sometimes mixed up my look with Kin's amazing blonde tipped hair. Again, I was still wearing the PixelDeep skin here.

There was always a certain skin I always wanted, but never knew where it was. But one day, on a shopping spree, I had found it at Last Call. I picked up a demo, and braced Bats for a change in skin. He liked it, and we went out to buy it. And that stayed my skin for a while, and I actually started blogging at Fashion Labyrinth during my time in this skin.

Imperial Elegance sales were doing well, and I finally got the courage to buy Tasha from RaC (now Laqroki). It was much more expensive than my other skins, but Bats liked them, so I didn't have a problem with buying it.

After a trip to the skin fair, I settled on the skin which is my current one, which I can't see myself leaving. Also in this new skin, was when Bats left SL, and when I became partnerless. I was with Bats about 10 months out of my 12 in Second Life. And, this was the point where I switched from being neko, to having elf ears.

Now, Imperial Elegance made some huge changes as well. As I previously said, I rented a tiny place in Orient, selling some skirts I made for $10L a piece. I drooled over the designer clothes, wondering who could afford such things. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of Imperial Elegance this early on, but I've kept pictures of every building it was in since then.

This was Imperial Elegance's first actual land. This little 512 was bought by Bats as a early b-day gift for me. Its probably important to note that the lant this was on was about 3 lots over from where Bats proposed to me. So, it had special meaning to me, and I wanted my store here. :D But, this is really when IE started to take off. I joined Fashion Consolidated shortly after moving here. As I sat in the store after sending a FashCon notice out, I noticed the extreme lag. Think the Last Call closing sale was bad? This was just like it. I almost cried at watching the people walk, but not get anywhere. So, it was time to move.

I next moved it to Flounder, the same sim in which our home was at the time. I was verty paranoid watching the minimap, and seeing people come and go without buying anything. Kept making me wonder what is wrong with my stuff. So, I wanted to move it away from the place I lived.

The next place was Glenn. I love Glenn so much. This was a huge move for me, and all I could think when I bought it was: "OMG, its so HUGE!!!" But, it didn't have any lag, and it was away from me. Sold.

Imperial Elegance was doing great there, but, I was running out of wall space for my ads. Thats when I started looking around Glenn for a bigger place. I was eying a bigger plot for a while, and after showing Bats, he bought it for me, even before I can tell him not to. I spent a few days puting up walls and floors, and moving stuff in. I held a half off everything sale to celebrate my move, and was shocked at the outcome. This is where it is at now, and because I am running out of space again, I am even looking at a plot that is twice this size. XD

The year in retrospect: I've had a great year, meeting interesting people, I've had lots of interesting experiences, good memories (and bad ones), and have seen many amazing things. I think I have come very far in this virtual world, and I am very grateful for the people who support me.

The future: I will continue to create, explore, shop and blog - its really all I have now. There are a few goals I have not yet reached (owning a sim, getting asked to participate in a fundraiser or grid-wide hunt), so until my goals are archived, I will still be here for many more years to come.