This is my 100th post! Yay! :D :D

Last night, I visited Kenroku. I am not sure what I expected, but it was definitely not a beautiful park. It has been a very long time since I've visited something new that was so amazing to explore and look at. It was also very fun to take pictures. I kept thinking: "OMG, I need to get a picture of this!" every 2 meters I walked. XD

Kenroku - 11

This is like a giant park, with beautifully landscaped walkways, and tons of stuff to look at. The detail here is amazing, even the way the grass comes out from under the fence.

Kenroku - 05

Seriously, this place is all about detail. The walkways, stairs realistically sunk into the ground... the shadows even actually move, like how trees move with the wind, and the shadows follow. Don't think these trees move, but their shadows do!

Kenroku - 03

This place has a huge pond in the middle, and the walkways go all the way around it. And you can see across the pond for cute picture taking. ^.^

Kenroku - 12

Like stated above, the water for these is very outdated, seeming to be a prim with animated water texture on it - with the older (before Windlight) water. but thats perfectly fine, I think it still looks great. And, once again - stunning detailed landscapes here :D

This is a wonderful place to explore. I was there for at least 2 hours just looking around and taking pictures - it was really fun. If you want to see more of my pictures, you can see them on my flickr set. The best thing about this place though - it allows scripts. I love script enabled zones for two reasons: 1: I can sit and organize inventory while having the occasional break for Tiny Empires and 2: Posing for pictures is so much easier when I am able to use my Huddles :D

In-World Location: Kenroku, Kenroku (111, 67, 52)

Oh~ I almost forgot! Speaking of poses - I bought new ones! I try not to buy many, because my pose stand is already pushing 350 poses, and I can always make the poses I need, but.... Reel Expressions had a huge promotion for her group members, and I just COULDN'T miss out, no matter what. The promotion was: if you come to her store for the specified half hour and send her an IM saying you are there, any purchase you make for the next few hours, you can get another free!

So, for example - I showed up in that specified 30 minutes, IM'ed her (and begged for the dancing cow she was on at the time XD), and I purchased 2 pose sets within the next few hours. I sent her a notecard with my transaction details of the two, and which 2 additional pose sets I wanted.... And she sent me the additional pose sets the next day, completely free. OMG. So, I spent $3200L, and got $6400L worth of poses. O_O Naturally, I called her crazy for doing this sale :P But, don't we all love it when designers go crazy? :D

If you are a member of her Subscribe-O-Matic group, you can keep an eye out for her notices that you the times she is going to do this again - and the great thing is, she offers to do this in different times, so everyone in different time zones can benefit :D