So, Second Life is, once again - annoying, wonky and irritating. I crashed and now can't log back in. So, I figure I might as well do something else for a bit. I finished my Mermaid poses last night, and went shopping for a mermaid avatar for the ads. I hate to say it.... but I was actually really disappointed. I ended up purchasing two of them, both with good points, and bad.

Mermaid - 02

The first one I bought - I cringed at paying $750L for it. Normally that probably wouldn't be that bad, but I am really only going to wear it once.... if that. Once I got home and put it on, I realized: it has NO AO! Why spend $750L on it when it doesn't even come with animations? -.- Second: the top is see-through, and I can't even put pasties under the top because its on the undershirt layer. Seriously - wtf? -.- Third, the tail fin is wayyy to big for my vendor ads. Fourth: HORRIBLE seam issues. This is totally unusable to me and all I can think now is I wasted $750L on something that will hide in my inventory. I wish this creator offered demos for her products - it really would have saved me a lot of money. The good part? It has a good idea to it - I like the skirt and chest prims. Perhaps someone else might like this - but for my purpose.... its definitely not ideal.

Mermaid - 01

This one... it isn't perfect, but I like it much better. Its about the perfect size for vendor ads, which is good. However, I find myself unhappy with the top - I wish it matched the bottom better. And, it was only $350L, which makes the (now utterly broke) little elf Sai quite happy. I wish I'd of seen this one before I purchased the other one, because I think the price on this is much more reasonable. Unless I can find a super-awesome, better looking one, this will probably be the one I choose for my ads.

That said, I am now determined to make a mermaid avatar myself and offer it for at most $1L at Imperial Elegance. I am peeved, ticked off and not very happy. -.-

Anyway - my next pose set I'll be working on has guns as props, and I'm currently looking for the best guns in SL. Anyone want to point me in a certain direction? They don't have to fire or anything, I just need them as props. :D