I have a growing list of pose sets I want to make. I think, with the purchase of the Illusions angel wings - it inspired me mush more than I originally thought. My initial thinking was to do some "Winged" poses... but now, I feel like I want to branch out and do more poses for various avatars.

Like what kind of avatars, you ask? :D For starters ..... mermaids! I think poses for them would be very fun. ^.^ Also, I want to do poses with props. I have done a few custom poses for Orchid Dreams, where I posed the avatar with fans... now I want to branch out into more things like that.

Next Projects - Props

First on my prop idea poses: Sparklers and beanbag chairs! I spent a little while today looking for a great beanbag looking sculptie, and scripting the particles to put in the sparklers. ^.^ I think an important part of doing poses with props is to have the props readily available. I believe I will set these in a vendor under the main ad for $1L or so when I finish them. I think I still need to script the beanbag chair to have a bit of a texture change to it.... because not everyone likes looking at pink. :P

... now, I know what you might be thinking. "SPARKLERS, of all things?!" In RL, I love sparklers. Every year on July 4th (Independence Day, here in the states), I always purchase abunch of these and set them off by myself. Anyway, I was organizing inventory this weekend, and seen that I had a few sparklers in my inventory. I attached them to see what they were, and realized they didn't have a hold script or anything. So, parts of my AO made me look like I was going to catch on fire. I thought: Wow, these would be great if I could add a hold script and take pictures. And... poses seemed better for that purpose. ^.^

And thats not even getting close to the number of ideas I have (like the pose set that I want to do that looks like it's made for porn :P). All I have to do now, is get the motivation to get out of my skybox and look for a mermaid avatar. *sigh*