So I was feeling extremely depressed yesterday, after dissolving my partnership with Bats. I *really* hated doing it - it made me feel so terrible. So, I turned to something that usually takes up every ounce of my brain - photoshop.

I decided I wanted to get a profile picture for Nuai (which, in case you didn't know - is my newish male alt). I propped him up in the photosphere in my workspace above my store, and snapped a closeup picture. I fiddled with photoshop for a while to get a reasonably good result for him. I think I am kinda pleased with the result.

Nuai Kumaki's Profile Pic

He looks quite angelic to me XD But thats okay - I like this effect, its very.... dreamy looking :D

I actually love photoshopping pictures of Nuai - I spend the majority of the time drooling and slobbering all over myself, but its fun looking at him :D

This morning, I found myself wanting to explore more of Second Life. My intentions of coming to Second Life was to explore the Buddhist religion as a philosophy and way of life, but then elaborated into seeing all kinds of temples and shrines... then went to exploring all kinds of places from there. However.... that really took a backseat with Bats, the Imperial Elegance store, fashion blogging, and fashion shows. Now, I find myself wanting to start exploring places once again. :D

I visited a really great place earlier today and took a few pictures, so look for my post on that tomorrow :D :D