I actually.... did the unthinkable today. Bats Mertel is no longer my partner. I've realized, he really has no intentions on coming back to Second Life, and have made no attempt to do anything he told me he would do. (Including, coming back in world to set our land for sale, or establishing a secondary contact with me, so we can remain in touch).

I was holding on the the pathetic thought that some day, he will return to me. However, I've come to terms that Warcraft was much more important, and our priorities are in completely different places.

It was heartbreaking to dissolve our partnership - my one last link to Bats.... the person I've spent a solid 10 months in SL with. Every time I look at my profile now and see the empty space, it sucks.


I apologize to anyone who reads this - it seems to have become quite a depressing blog to read.... but, give me a week or so, I will probably feel a little better, once I get my thoughts a little organized. ^.^