Ok, warning: this will be a long winded, picture heavy post. If you don't like looking at me for long periods of time, please run away now. :P No, but seriously - there will be a lot of pictures, and quite a bit of me rambling - so just ignore this post, if you so wish ^.^

I have been living in a skybox above Imperial Elegance for a few weeks now. Its been fine, but two things have been starting to get to me. First, and most importantly: I am getting really paranoid watching the dots on the mini map. People come and go without buying anything, and I am constantly wondering what is wrong with my products to make nothing interest them. Seems to be all I think about while I am up there. Second: I am also paranoid with prims. I fear rezzing a chair to sit on while I AFK because the prim count would go up XD

So, my only solution was to get a home outside of Glenn. Normally this would be no problem, but omg - I have no idea where to start looking for home rentals that are not insanely big, expensive or ugly.

But first, a bit of a back story: Back when I was a semi-newbie, Cherry Tree Rentals was my first *real* home. I decorated it, and loved it. It was also where I lived when I met Bats. He moved 2 doors away from me there, and it wasn't long before I moved in with him. However, this building we lived in was apartments, and our neighbors were within chat distance - who was also fond of the BDSM thing. And we heard all of it. That... was why we wanted to move.

Still, Cherry Tree Rentals was one of my favorite places to live, (minus the neighbors), so that was the only place I my mind when I decided to leave the Glenn skybox. I didn't want to go back to the apartments, so luckily, I managed to find a house managed by the same people, with a reasonable distance from the neighbors! :D :D

I spent a huge amount of time yesterday furniture shopping and counting prims. I think my home turned out pretty cute and fun. Enough talking for now, I'll show some pictures. :D

Sai's New Home - 01

Here it is! Ok, ok, so its not a Barnesworth house, but I like it all the same. I think it has character, and isn't big enough for me to get lost in (which, has happened many times before). This is on mainland, and has some mainland lag, but nothing I can't handle. Also, Cherry Tree Rentals does own the majority of the sim, so I don't have to worry too much about idiots who plan on blocking my views.

Sai's New Home - 04

This guy greets people at the door XD Bats never liked my bunneh and never let me put him in the house we shared together, so dammit, I will put him in meh house now! I think he's cute ^.^

Sai's New Home - 03

This is all new furniture~ Its a mix between The Loft (the entertainment wall and prop TV), CORN (couch and ottoman), and SLX (candles and rug). The TV was almost free at $1L, but it doesn't work. Which is fine by me, because I don't know how to work those fandangled contraptions. :P

Sai's New Home - 02

My kitchen. Picture came from the amazing Torley Linden, I hope he doesn't sue me for using them in my home! TT_TT He makes the best SL pictures, I really want him to sell them in-world XD. Anyway, this kitchen set was one of the first furniture pieces I purchased. It was with me in my first Cherry Tree Rental, in Bats' and my land in Flounder, and it even came with us to Diamond Island. Now, its still with me and back at Cherry Tree XD

Sai's New Home - 05

Next, I take you into my bedroom. This is right when you get to the second floor, and thats the cute dresser I got with my bedroom set at CORN. Oh, and I made that planter :D cute, no? ^.^

Sai's New Home - 06

Here is my bedroom. Bought it at CORN furniture, and used yet another picture from Torley. I love this bedroom set. :D And no, the bed does not have any animations in it, in case you were wondering :P

Sai's New Home - 07

Next to the bedroom set is my little fireplace with my okota. :D Fireplace is from The Loft, and I don't think the okota is being sold anymore. It was another one of the "Bats said no" things, but I bought it anyway. Oh, and the cat plushie on it was a CSR gift from the same creator to made the bunneh in the second picture here. :D

Sai's New Home - 08

And, another thing I love about this house, is it has a little third floor loft thing that is the walkway to the outside deck. I think its cool how that was made. Oh! And those hanging lights? They were part of the bedroom set. Absolutely a perfect place for them there :D

Sai's New Home - 09

And, I will end the tour of my home on the deck, with my lone patio chair. This has a single sit animation, as well as a couple's sit... which will probably never be used. *sigh*

Anyway. I don't think it turned out all that bad. I was able to fit all the stuff I wanted to, all under 300 prims. I actually think I have 5 prims left from the available 300 XD Luckily though, Cherry Tree Rentals does offer an extra prim service, where you can buy 50 extra prims for an additional $100L a week... which I hear isn't that bad. I might end up doing that, and it will raise my rent from $800L to $900L a week. Meh.

I also do plan on keeping the skybox above Imperial Elegance in Glenn though. Its where I can rezz a few hundred prims, and its a place large enough for the photosphere, where I do all my photography for Fashion Labyrinth. :D

I don't plan on keeping my home private, if you want to stop by, just poke me and if I'm not changing, or nekkid, I'll probably send you a SLURL ^.^