Ok, I am a reader of Alicia Chenaux's blog, and occasionally she does these funky "meme" things where she asks a few questions about a certain SL theme - and you post on your blog your answers to them. This one.... is about sex, and I just *had* to do it.

1. Let's get it out of the way first. Are you a virgin in SL? [If you are, move to question 3.]


2. How long did it take you before you hopped on a poseball with someone? And I don't mean dance balls. ;)

Probably within my first 2 weeks. I had finally gotten myself a good skin, and looking pretty decent. I knew what they were, but I was quite curious about it and wanted to see what sex in Second Life was all about.

3. Do you own any talking genitalia, such as from Xcite?

Nope, actually never owned one. I remember sitting in my first SL apartment, and the guy in the apartment above had one that chat spammed though the walls... telling me his masturbation status. That was my last day in that apartment building.

4. Guys: Do you edit your "package" to be bigger?
Ladies: Do you think size REALLY matters??

Well... not in Second Life. Though, you really don't want to go around with a 5 foot virtual penis.... it doesn't make you look manly... just newbish. So, keep it realistic :P

5. Do you rely on your talking body parts during your encounters?

My body parts don't talk. I prefer my parts to be painted on my skin. And no, even if they did talk, my imagination is enough :P

6. Forget the booty, let's talk romance. Where's a romantic place in SL to take someone to?

Inspire Space Park. So, there are no sex poseballs, but its a very romantic place where you can cuddle your guy/girl while floating in space. It's very fun and relaxing. :D

7. When you go shopping for clothes, do you deliberately buy things that you think your gf/bf/partner/flavor of the week would like to see you in?

Yep. I did all the time. Bats liked me in black hair, so I ditched all my blonde hair and went with black. And thats just one example.

8. Let's move to commitment: Do you think people get partnered too quickly in SL?

I guess it depends. Some people get partnered slowly, but still break up quickly. Bats and I known each other for probably barely even 2 weeks before we got partnered, and we were together for almost 10 months.

9. Big wedding, small wedding, or no wedding at all? And do you get partnered BEFORE the wedding or afterwards?

Small wedding for me. I am not too social, so too many people at once scare me a bit. But I do love wearing wedding dresses. As for before or after..... I think its entirely up to the couple. :D

10. Last question, and it's of course back to the booty. ;) Be honest, how many sex items [furniture and poseballs] do you have around your place?

Right now.... none at all. I currently live in a skybox above my store with a photosphere and a pose stand. When I was living with Bats, we had a bed, and quite a few "questionable" poseballs all around the house.

Now... that was impressive for me, actually. I was able to write about Bats for that long and not get too choked up :D Yay~ I think I am on my way to recovery ^.^