I guess I should give an update on Bats. He logged in last night, to "dump the land and leave". But, somewhere in there, he had the heart to IM me, totally confused why I dissolved our partnership. It was a depressing thing to do, yes... and I suddenly had no explanation for him. I was told that he is having fun in Warcraft, and all he did in SL was sit on the beach and watch. Knowing that, it made it easier to say goodbye. It was a very emotional IM conversation for me, but I feel I was able to give him a proper goodbye from Second Life. I feel better about it - knowing he is happy where he is, and is having fun there. With that, I feel I can really move on, and focus more of my efforts on other things. ^.^

I do have thanks to give to all those people who have listened to me complain to them about my problems - it means a lot... really. I am not a social person, so seeing random people (even people I've never met) IM me and tell me things will be better - it really put a smile on my face. I won't name you all here - but you know who are. Thank you. ^.^

Now, I won't bore you guys with any more of that. I will be making a better effort to explore more places, and share my new travels in the metaverse here. This post will be on the oddly beautiful sim, ChouChou!


One word that describes it well: Empty. This sim is empty, with only a few things in it. But, its beautiful in its own way.


It definitely has some really great things to see, my favorite thing was this birdcage. It appears to have tipped over, broken, spilling feathers into the water. But, I wonder.... what happened to the bird?


This ladder went sooooo far up in the sky! I had my draw distance at the max, 512 - but it just stopped... I think it may have continued on past the 512 draw distance. Is that even possible? O.o I like the pile of ladders though, it looks like the main ladder is still under construction. :D


This piano by itself... floating on top of the water.... was a bit eerie to me. And, of course.. the big tree added to the feel XD Do trees normally grow out of the water like that? o.O

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