Ok, I know I've been slacking with blogging lately - but I've been soooooo busy lately! First a few RL things:

  1. I went to see The Phantom of the Opera musical for the first time ever last night, and have been scattering all over for the perfect outfit for the past week. And, BTW - it was such a beautiful, incredible show... I almost cried at the beginning scene because I couldn't believe I was actually, finally there. (I had wanted to see it for about 5 years, but was never able to) :D
  2. I've been gathering some stuff for the RL yard sale I am having this weekend. I am frustrated with my computer, and I decided I need a new graphics card... so I can finally look at the pretty windlight skies without PC lag. So, I am holding a yard sale tomorrow to see if I can get money to pay for a new video card. ^^ /me wonders what kind of card to get and how to install it. *cries*
But, I have been thinking of my next project. .... Actually, I have so many projects, I have no idea where to start. But, this is my current project:


All I need to do now is texture them. How I plan on doing that? I am not sure yet. But, I think these are cute so far :D

Also, I had a pose request the other day, which I think was a good one. ^^ I released a new couples pose yesterday at Imperial Elegance, where the man was shielding himself from paparazzi, and it was suggested that I make single poses like that. So, that is my secondary project this week. ^^ I love requests, and like aways, that person will be getting the pose set for free. :D