OMG, so I managed to get a gun from Sin Wicked, as Aeai suggested to me in the last post (and thank you so much, its perfect!), and I had tons of fun making poses for it. I went a bit overboard, making a a total of 17 poses, instead of my typical 12. But, they are just so darn fun to play with! XD

And, because I am so excited, I wanted to take a few preview pictures of them, and get a better close up of my new toys.

Next Poses

These are 5 of my favorites, though I don't think the crouching one will be sold (I might give it out to my group members or something). I also believe these are probably the best poses I've ever done as of yet. I guess thats how you can tell I was loving every second of making these poses XD

I wanted to go to some grungy, dark RP place to take some pictures (instead of just posing in my skybox -.-), but every place I went to - I read the rules in full, but their "OCC" or "Observer" policies were too strict and I was utterly confused. I wanted to check out City of Lost Angels as well, but every time I tried to TP there to get their rules... it was always full. I had also tried the amazing I am Legend combat sims... but they seem to be completely gone. TT_TT So, the skybox it was. *sigh*

I also centered my outfit around the guns, can't you tell? XD I wanted to go for that "beautiful girl with guns" look. I swear, I'm obsessed. O.o;;

Second Life Gun Prop Close-up

And, here is my closeup of this amazing piece of primwork. Definitely worth the $1000L I spent on it. And the only bad thing I could think of with this.... the notecard on how to operate it is the size of a novel. I'll have to sit down and spent a weekend reading it, so I know how *not* to shoot people.

And, since I had such a great time with guns, I also decided to do something a bit more challenging for my next project. Ready for the picture? XD


Yep, swords! I bought these a looooooong time ago! (Acquired date said August 16th, 2007) OMG. I found these in my inventory, and I got the dreaded "Object missing from database" error on the hip sheath. I spent all day crying about it, dreading sending a notecard to the creator because its been so long since I bought them. But apparently, I was smart back then, and kept the box it came in :D I rezzed the box (which, btw - is the coolest box I have ever seen in SL!), and it apparently had an update server in it, which sent the newest version of the swords to me :D I was bouncing off the walls with glee after that ^.^

So, yeah. I do have a huge list of things I want to do, and not enough space in my brain to squeeze in all my ideas right now. I still need to take pictures for my vendor ads for the mermaid poses, as well as the gun poses now. (Which means, omg - I'll be releasing 2(!!!) complete pose sets in one week)! Thats probably never happened before O.O;;

After those get set down in the store on Thursday, I'll probably take a few days to work on the sword poses.

OMG, I'm yapping too much - I suppose I will shush now XD