OMG, I think I've finally lost my mind. Well, maybe. I finished a male pose set last night, and at that time, I realized.... I don't have a male model anymore! Bats modeled with me for my poses and couple's poses, but now that he is gone.... I don't have anyone to model them. I am very anti-social, and my friends list only contains 3 females. So, I was at a loss, and at the time, I had no idea what I was going to do to make ads for them.

I pondered for a bit, went to eat dinner in RL... and came up with an idea. I'll make a man alt! I had thought about this before, so I could include men's fashion on Fashion Labyrinth, but I quickly decided not to do it because Bats was always there to do all my modeling needs. So, last night, I used my lack of SL man knowledge to create a man alt... And now, I bring to you.... Nuai Kumaki!

Nuai Kumaki

The sad part... he looks oddly similar to Bats. Bats was my ideal guy in SL, and whenever I said something looked great, he always had no problem going out and buying it, no matter what the cost... so it was difficult to find something that was a unique look to Nuai.... and not just making a personality-less copy of Bats. So, I chose a darker toned Abyss skin, and Naughty Designs hair for him. (And gave him a spare pair of eyes I had).

I think he looks pretty cute :D So, you will probably be seeing Nuai in a few of my store ads, and occasionally in a few Fashion Labyrinth posts. ^.^

And omg I need to say a little rant here - men's shapes and skins are so freaking expensive! Seriously, his shape was $1000L (which I am so glad Kmadd finally switched to Copy/Mod permissions... those No Mod shapes are such a pain!), and the Abyss skin was $2000L! Like, holy crap. I've always wondered why men in Second Life always wore the default newbie skin - the prices of good skins are so intimidating! TT_TT