More chicken adventures! With my hen Hana, popping out eggs every day or so (sometimes even twice a day!), I've gathered quite a few eggs from her. I've stuffed them in Proteggtors, but they just keep coming, and I'm unsure what to do with them. After reading a blog entry I seen on my feed, I decided to check out the Chickens sim, to see what they have there. I came across tons of booths, and little pieces of land where people raise their chickens. However the booths caught my eye.

Wouldn't it be cool if I could set up a vendor and sell some of the eggs my chickens lay? I know my eggs are common, boring and not as pretty as anyone else's, but the booths are cheap, and it would get a few eggs out of my inventory. After thinking about it for a couple hours, I finally decided to go and rent a booth to sell a couple eggs.

Jeffry and I wandered the sim, looking for an empty booth, and he eventually found one for me. We ran over to buy a chicken egg vendor, and I spent the majority of the night, and a good portion of this morning reboxing eggs, and setting the vendor up.


I'm calling my little booth [Featherings] and it can be found here. While I don't plan to make a profit or anything from it, I do hope it pays the booth rent, gets eggs out of my inventory and lets people get more variety in their chicken coloring collections. :D


But, the best part of my night last night was cuddling with my Jeffry. Its amazing how happy this guy makes me feel, I honestly don't think I've had this happy of a Second Life in many, many, many months. I love to cuddle with him and just talk about everything that comes to mind.

I told myself I wouldn't allow my blog to become all "omg this guy is so awesome"-ish, but I'm not really sure I can help it. Jeffry is the guy I want to keep, is perfect for me, has become my happiness and is a giant part of my SL now. :D