Today's BBBC assignment is to describe what I think a perfect SL day is. SL is difficult to do this with, because we can control so many aspects of our environment. We are able to control the weather, mute people we know will put us down, and we always look perfect, even on the days we feel like crap.


So, what would Sai's perfect day be like? I've created a small list.
  1. No capped messages, and I recieve all my offline inventory offers succesfully.
  2. Cuddles and a conversation with someone special (who, at this time, does not exist in Sai's life).
  3. Time to check on chickens.
  4. Putting together a fabulous outfit.
  5. Somehow finding inspiration to make more poses for my store.
  6. Feeding off that inspiration to blog the outfit I wore that day on my fashion-y blog.
  7. Great conversations (most likely about buttsecks and tin foil hats) from my favorite girls in Ch'know.
  8. My perfect SL day would probably include no releases or sales from any of my favorite designers. Because a Sai who doesn't have to run out and spend all her monies is a very happy Sai. :D
All that combined would make the perfect day for my existence in SL. But, I'm still happy with my life in SL as it is. :D