Wow, I was still inspired to build, even after finishing the staircases! :O So, I started out with the pillars, banisters and trim. I think it looks pretty good. Its extremely primmy, but I do have quite a bit of prims to play with, so that's good. :D


I am kinda pleased how its turned out so far. Its still far from being finished, but I am sooooo glad I'm inspired to start working again. I've had so many ideas for new poses, I hope I feel up to making more and more stuff after I finish my build :D


I love how the stairs turned out - they look so awesome. And, I do owe a special thank you to a friend who gave me an awesome tool to help me out with them - just as I was about to rip out my hair. :D


The coolest thing, which I am totally excited about - are the new vendors. I've always wanted to try some new animation vendor design, which is different from everything else. I'm tired of seeing the boring circle/square platforms with arrows - so to keep up with my summer, bright and happy theme, I bought some cool lilies, and put them down for my vendors. :D

Also, today was a day I've been waiting for, for months. The Sims 3 came out today! \o/ I've had it on preorder for weeks, and I marched my little ass up to the GameStop closest to my house right when they opened at 10am - and had my copy of The Sims 3 by 10:05am. And naturally, I had to snap some screenshots. ^^


Its so much better than I expected. The graphics are awesome, my computer has no problems playing it, the sims look so much better than they did in The Sims 2, and Sai has a total happeh when playing it.


It was an awesome break from building my new store, and I'm totally excited to see what awesome custom content will be coming out.