So, the adventures of Sai's chickens continues! Its been a little while since my last update. For a while, things were uneventful, just me waiting for my two original chickens, Hana and Ueda to reach breeding age so they could give me babies.

During that time, I was reading up on some new chickens, called "new wave" chickens, which could make glowing chickens and come in all kinds of colors. Of course, while I was at the Sion Chicken shop to grab some food, I seen 12 of these new wave chicken eggs for sale. And yes, I bought them.

I came home right after, to see my female hen, Hana, squatting , while all the male chicken was up, clucking around. Thinking she was sick, I clicked her, to see she was at 100% with an egg :O


I was so excited... until I remembered I have 12 new wave eggs I just bought. I waited, waited and waited for Hana to lay her egg, and then the grid borked - and I was suddenly logged out. When I was able to come back, she had laid her egg, and I had missed it. :(

I decided to go ahead and rez 2 of the twelve new wave eggs I bought. So, I sat and waited for all 3 eggs to hatch :D They hatched, I named them all, gave them new homes, all was good.

Until later that night, when Hana decided to punch out yet... another egg. Then another egg the next night, while I was sleeping. So, at seven chickens, I decided to get one of those Radi-o-statics, that keep eggs from hatching until you want them to.


So, my little chicken family consists of: Ueda, Hana, Sushi, Tatsuya, Kame, Sakura, and Naruto. They have several toys, I put myself a blanket to sit with them in their pen, and they are going through food like crazy. I might need to buy those breeder food packs now. XD