For a while, I've had absolutely nothing to do. I'd sit at home, uninspired, irritated, completely bored out of my mind. I started playing FreeRealms, and that kept me occupied for a while. Then The Sims 3 came out. And OMG, now I am having so much trouble finding time to do anything at all. I have a whole list of things to do.

  1. A ton of posts for Yabusaka (I really am doing it, I swear!) ;_;
  2. Blog a few looks I put together for Fashion Labyrinth.
  3. Blog about chickens.
  4. Obsess over said chickens.
  5. Finish new store build.
  6. Finish new pose set.
  7. Finish 5 more couple's poses.
  8. Decide what will be a late June picks rewards (and make it).
  9. Set up fishing for new store build.
  10. Talk to Azure complaint team about inconsiderate plot neighbors.
  11. Finish my Sims 3 house.
  12. Upload that Sims 3 house.
  13. Do new members only quests on FreeRealms.
  14. Understand that stupid TCG on FreeRealms.
So. Yeah. And now, I shall be off back into SL so I can be able to scratch something off of that list.