So, its been a little while since my last update of my Free Realms playing, and The Sims 3. I has pictures!


This is from Free Realms. I recently got a dog named Bella, and leveled up to a level 20 pet trainer with her. I swear, the Adventurer job is the most difficult to level up though. xD


The thing I hate most about The Sims 3 - is I could never find a house I liked, and was too lazy to build my own. So, when I seen this one on ModTheSims, I did a complete "OMG!" and ran around to download it.


It doesn't look it, but its SUPER TINY. But, omg its adorable.


I even plopped it down on my favorite lot, so it has ocean almost all around it :D


I love making my sims do stupid things like this. xD


And having the guy sim make the girl sim foods all the time. :D