So, I'm tired of writing about guys, and them ending up not working out, for one reason or another. Its exhausting. I considered renaming this blog to like, Sai's SLex and the City, but that would be weird. I've been hurt, not taken seriously, and took on lovahs, but none has really been what I wanted, and we've broken up for some reason or another. Whether it had been by changing what I believed in, contrasting beliefs, or them not being happy. I've recently been called a player, but that's honestly not what I'm about. Really. :/


I made a decision to fully open up to someone, take a chance and see what happens. This person was Jeffry. We were friends while I was with Pnut, and he was there for me after I broke up with him. He puts up with my crazy ex boi dramaz, and laughs about it with me. And, he is probably the first guy I actually, really put my walls down for and let myself open up to.


He's extremely sweet, and told me what he wanted and believed in right up front, so I was glad there wouldn't be surprises later down the line. And, to make things even better, what he wanted in SL, was exactly what I was looking for as well. He was completely open with me in the beginning, told me how he felt, and was so patient until I allowed myself to fall for him. :P


This was taken right after we got engaged last night. :O Yes. Sai is officially engaged. He had apparently planned out this little thing - making me get all dressed up in formals, taking me somewhere romantic, and asked for me to be his fiancee. And, there was absolutely no wai that I was going to say no to this guy. It was so adorable, sweet and romantic, I loved it. I totally adore this guy. :D


I snapped this photo of the ring he gave me after he logged off. I am a little embarrassed to admit, but I was probably a lot more excited then I should have been last night. He does want to get married, and actually have a marriage ceremony on our land. I've never envisioned myself to get married in SL, but, it appears like - its really going to happen... and I wouldn't want anything different. My home has always been my most sacred place for as long as I've had one in SL, so, I'm totally ecstatic he wants a wedding in my most favorite place. :D