So, a lot of stuff happened within the past couple days, I'm going to be splitting this post into 2 posts - one for Jeffry, and one later for the stuff that recently happened with our chicken family :D But first, a random picture I've been hoarding.... I love this picture, its soooooo cute.


On Saturday, Jeffry and I were cuddling, which is my favorite part of the day - when he passes me a gushy love letter notecard which really made me cry - even in real life, it was very sweet. Then, shortly after that - he gave me an object and told me to put it on - which turned out to be a necklace he had gotten customized to say "I love you Sai". It was sooooooo adorable, I yelled and screamed at him for doing something like that - but inside I was totally excited and wasn't sure how I can be any happier. :D

But, next thing I knew, he was asking me to get on some poseball with him. Yay, more cuddles! I thought. But, no.


I knew he wanted to 'officially' propose to me, because he wanted me to remember the day, and for it to be special - but I didn't expect this. I loved it, and was so great. Jeffry is so important to me now in SL, I'm actually extremely excited to get married to him. He's been wanting to do the formal proposal for a while, and now we can start planning the wedding. \o/ I was sooooooo happy, I mean, can life get any better?

Yes. Before I answered a huge YES to him, he told me to check my email inbox. And there it was.... a partnership request. :O My internets was having huge fail - where every time I hit "Accept" I got a 404 Page not found error on the Second Life website. :( Even when he sent me a second one - I got the same error. So, I sent him one - and now....


I'm so excited. OMG, every time I look at it I get all girly, giggly and happy. xD He wants to start planning the wedding I think, but I really have no idea where to start :O I mean, in RL - you can look through the phone book and stuff to check out a wedding planner, or something - but SL... is not that easy. xD I'm so excited though. I mean, I never really imagined myself to get married, didn't think I wanted it - but now, I can't wait. I seem to be becoming quite the domesticated girl, aren't I? :O

And, a silly video I took of us dancing in our bedroom. And, he looks so freaking adorable in his fedora hat he picked up when we went to the hair fair together. xD

But its funny - I thought I was happy with other guys I've blogged about. But no guy ever made me feel the way Jeffry does. He is so sweet, we are looking for the same things in SL and RL - and is perfect in almost every way. :O I can say with confidence - that its been almost years since I've been this happy in SL. :D