Yeah, I missed posting yesterday's BBBC post, but ah well. I've done pretty good so far. Today, I want to post about someone who has seemed to burrow himself my heart, whether I liked it or not.

He's silly, runs everyone and everything over while shopping, has no fashion sense, falls asleep on me, uses the dreaded chat speak (Yes, he spcks like dis 2 me), and is a total typo king. Totally the opposite type of guy I like. But, at the same time, he's someone I've grown to really care a lot about.


Once I got to know this guy, I discovered he was adorable, kind, sweet, treats me extremely well, loves to cuddle for hours, allows me to bring out the hordes of lingerie I have, lives in a freaking mansion/palace (no joke) :O, wants to be blogged about, and is willing to put up with my horrible lack of sexytime skills.

So, this is my new boi, pnut. :D