Yay, the BBBC has started, and I'm totally excited! \o/ I've been somewhat slacking these past couple days, because I wanted to have something to blog about for this week. I'm getting caught up on a lot of things I listed, dropped my build, almost done making my new pose set, and now I have a little spare time to breathe, relax and blog.

Something I've been wanting to blog about for a while - my little Sion chickens. It seems everyone has them now, and after lots of "OMG, my chickens just had an egg!" and "OMG, my chicken died!" conversations in Ch'Know group chat, I finally broke down, built a chicken pen, and rezzed the couple eggs I had in my inventory.

So, a lot of people already blogged pictures of their chickens. To be slightly different, I decided to go take pictures of my chickens by using Boy Lane's Shadow Viewer \o/


The chicken pen I made (if anyone wants a copy of it for their chickens - just poke at me in world). Turned out well, I like it, the chickens appear to like it too. They roam around, play with their little toy ball that Meara gave them, and cluck away.


I never thought that these little Sion chickens could be so amusing. It seems every day when I log in, I have to check how much food they have left, if they are at breeding age yet, and if they are both still contained in their pen.


I only have two right now, named Ueda and Hana. I didn't really want to name them after friends, because I'd feel really bad and guilty if somehow I killed one. xD They are only at 3% age, and I hear once they get to 4%, they begin to breed. So, hopefully soon, I'll have another chicken family member. :D


A closer view of one of my chickens. This one is my male, Ueda. I think the male chickens are ugliest, because they like, turn green and all different colors. But, he's still got his own charm that makes me luff the little guy. :D


Because the Shadow viewer pictures made them look really dark, I turned off shadows to get a better picture of just them. :D This was taken at the regions' normal night time, so they were both bundled together sleeping, which made for a better picture. ^^