Build, texutre, build, texture. The story of the second life I live now. Finishing this build has become my obsession, and I am determined to finish it by Wednesday. I've decided on textures, and am now in the process of finishing up on aligning them.


ImpEle will be the new name. The name, Imperial Elegance is way long, and really not an image I want to portray anymore. So, ImpEle - is just Imperial Elegance shortened. I've been contemplating this change for months, and finally decided to go ahead with it, as I got bored with positioning prim letters for a long name.


I was kinda bummed with how the stairs turned out. They looked great with plywood, but they didn't texture well. Ah well. I still like them. :D


There is a ton of empty space, and there probably will remain a ton of empty space for a while. XD My little building before this one only filled half the walls, and this is at least twice as big.


The pillars! OMG, I have to say little about them. The number one thing I hate most about building anything, is picking out the textures. I usually find a floor and/or wall I like, but everything else... I have no idea, and am so picky, that I never find anything that looks good. I spent a whole day sitting, brooding over what type of texture to put on them. The second I slapped on this texture, it was perfect, and I immediately loved it. :D

Its turning out really, really well. I'm very excited to finish it. :D